Correspondence – Sphere (2008)


‘Correspondence’ Series

Correspondence                         2002     Pilchuck Glass School, Washington State, USA

Correspondence – Sphere          2008     Fine Arts Work Center, Massachusetts, USA

Correspondence – Passage        2014     Vermont Studio Center, Vermont, USA


I think of the world as an intricate cobweb.

Off-cuts mirror and plate glass were collected from local frame shops and hardware stores for those installations.

Those pieces are highly responsive to their environments. Their appearances differ depending on the weather and time of the day, and they ‘speak’ (in a manner of sounds and moving lights) in different ways as they respond to the movements of the air and to the sun light.

Their existence is ephemeral, as they are temporary installations and impossible transport.







 Correspondence (2002)

Correspondence - Sphere (details)







Correspondence - Passage (2014)





View from a studio window at Vermont Studio Center