Shigan Higan


Shigan Higan – 此岸 彼岸

(This Side of Water That Side of Water)

Fosdick Nelson Gallery, NY, USA


(Re-installed at Temporary Contemporary in Tokyo in 2013)


This installation consists of a small glass bowl that contains water and video projection.

From a distance, what an audience sees is a dancing light on a wall. That changes speed and colours every moment. As he walks close to it, he finds images moving inside of a bowl, slightly blurred as the image has a depth that equals to the depth of water. Two themes alternate, one is that of white feathers slowly rotate up towards you as if they are born in darkness and being released into the air. Another theme is people walking; it is a blurred image, but some might notice that it is an image of people crossing a large scramble crossing in Tokyo. Moving colours on the wall are created by each individuals happens to cross the street simultaneously by pure chance.